Castor Oil Reimagined

Anion has brought castor oil into the 21st century. Unlike castor oils today, Anion is not sticky or tacky, with 16 botanicals and algae sourced from the south of France. The naturally occurring aroma of Anion Essential Oils are a natural result of our proprietary ingredient complex.

Anion Essentials Castor Oil Blend is made of specific botanicals to support key elimination organ systems with the intent to support the acceleration of tissue toxin buildup removal.

 These blends have additional therapeutic properties that support secondary functions such as circulation, tissue hydration, inflammatory skin conditions, and anti-aging. Suggested using the packs in tandem with professional colon hygiene services. 

Castor Oil Blend Phase I - Core Toning Support

This blend has been formulated as a specific preparation to support the decongestion of sluggish and clogged intestines, thereby clearing the body’s chief elimination pathway. Over time, the pathway is cleared, and blockages from stagnant waste and inflammation are resolved.

Castor Oil Blend Phase II - Metabolic Support

This blend harnesses the phyto-therapeutic effects of the following trifecta of medicinal herbs of Rosemary, Turmeric and Rose hip oils which have demonstrated to help support hepatic (related to Liver) functions.

Castor Oil Blend Phase III - Drainage Support

This blend has been tailored to help balance, decongest, clear, drain and flush stagnant fluids and waste, while boosting the immune system. 

Application Schedule

Use 4oz per application.

Week 1 use Phase I – 2X per week

Week 2 use Phase II – 2X per week

Week 3 use Phase III – 2X per week

Wait 48 hours between applications.

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