Bio Charger

Boost Your Energy with BioCharger!

What is the BioCharger? 

Recharge your mind and body with the Biocharger health optimization platform! 

The BioCharger combines four natural energies to reenergize and invigorate the body with the potential to optimize your health, wellness, and performance. 

Inner Health is excited to provide this revolutionary technology to our clients. For more information, give us a call!

BioCharger System

What are the Benefits of the BioCharger?

BioChargeWith nature’s energies, you can stimulate your body for optimal health! The benefits are endless:

  • Recovery – recover faster from injuries, stressful situations, or even an exhausting day. 
  • Energy – feeling sluggish all the time? Boost your energy to finish tasks and everyday chores.
  • Performance – conquer new goals and reach new levels, all while performing your best.
  • Sleep – finally get the proper rest your body needs.
  • Focus – improve your focus so you can work more efficiently and achieve your goals
  • Balance -revitalize your lifestyle by enhancing your balance. 

BioCharger Pricing

⚡️Single recipe session when added to any treatment $20
⚡️Double recipe session when added to any treatment $30
⚡️Private, in treatment room during your colonic session. Choose two recipes $40

⚡️ Campfire 🔥 Group of 2 or more –
Single recipe session $20 per person
Each additional campfire recipe $10 per person

⚡️ Single recipe drop in session –
Want to drop in during our regular business hours to get charged up?
$25 per recipe. $10 each additional recipe.

How the BioCharger Can Work for You!

Watch this video below

Combination Packages & Add-ons

Add-on Before Your Colonic Session

  • LED skin tightening, and brightening facial. 30 minutes $39
  • ANION Pure 16 Botanical Castor Oil Pack. Relaxing application to colon and liver $49
  • Radio Frequency abdominal area $99
  • Bio Charger – Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF). Digestion and liver Cleanse customized, programmed recipe $20



This is the ultimate in deep cleansing. Relax on our cozy treatment bed. Feel the warmth of these therapeutic modalities. You will leave feeling lighter, brighter and more energized from head to toe. Plan for about 2 hours.

$327 Value

$299 Package Special

Your Organs Will Thank You!



⚡️ Pacemaker? Metal plate in your body? You can NOT BioCharge.
(See more contraindications listed below)

⚡️ Cell phones must be kept away from BioCharger while in session

⚡️ Excessive metal Jewlery should be removed

⚡️Avoid physical contact. No touching others while in session as it could produce a low voltage zap, or a mild burning flesh smell

⚡️ Energy flows more freely through the body when legs and arms are uncrossed

⚡️ Individuals with cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators and insulin pumps (that cannot be turned off or removed) MUST sit at least 6 feet away from a BioCharger.

What to Know Before You BioCharge

For individuals that are known to have photosensitivity (I.E. Photo-convulsive Response, Epilepsy, Migraines caused by Photosensitivity), we recommend using the BioCharger without the plasma tubes installed, since the strobing nature potentially could cause an episode. An additional option is to wear a suitable eye mask (a sleeping mask that shuts out all light) during the session. As everyone is unique, we advise seeking advice on what triggers an episode and taking this into consideration prior to making the decision to use the BioCharger in this case.

Women who are pregnant and individuals with metal plating in their heads or near brain tissue should NOT use the BioCharger.

Children under the age of eighteen (18) years old MUST be supervised by a parent or guardian during a BioCharger NG session.

Individuals with chemotherapy ports that are metal-based should NOT use the BioCharger within 6 feet radius from the unit. Outside of that range reduces the intensity enough to allow usage, even with a port installed.

If you need further clarification please email

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