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The RF cleanse harnesses the power of high-frequency waves to target entrenched toxins within the liver, triggering the organ to package and expel them, primarily via bile. When coupled with colon hydrotherapy, this regimen offers a comprehensive detoxification experience. By swiftly flushing out toxin-laden bile from both the liver and the colon, often likened to the body’s primary sewer line or trash can, the cleanse achieves a deeper level of purification. Here at Inner Heath, our speciality is the colon cleanse with the radio frequency added on. Receiving the RF treatment prior to your colonic will help the colonic be more effective. What to expect? Following the application of oil or lubricant to your stomach area, your technician will gently glide a metal plate emitting radio frequency waves over the region directly above your liver. While the plate will emit warmth, the sensation will be comfortable and non-invasive.

Colonic & Radio Frequency Combined At Inner Health

We recommend combining both services to achieve the best results, starting from the inside out.
$ 199
  • Colonic & Radio Frequency Special
  • New Colonic Session $120
  • Returning Colonic Session $100

Why Is It Important To Cleanse The Liver?

​Liver detoxification is a vital aspect of any effective detox regimen. Our radio frequency cleanse employs advanced radio frequency waves to dismantle toxic substances within the liver, prompting the organ to swiftly eliminate these pollutants through the bloodstream and lymphatic system. Regular liver cleansing serves as a crucial reset for the organ, ensuring its optimal functionality and overall well-being.

Benefits Of Colonic Hydrotherapy In Mansfield, MA

Colonic hydrotherapy, also known as colon irrigation or colon cleansing, involves flushing the colon with water to remove accumulated waste and toxins.

  • Stimulates bile production and detoxification of the liver.
  • Supports the immune system.
  • Improves PH balance in the whole body.
  • Provides a favorable environment for the friendly bacteria.
  • Re-enforces psychological resolve towards a healthy diet.
  • Improves nutrients absorption especially minerals and soluble vitamins.
  • Re-stimulates the colon towards healthier peristalsis and more regular bowel movements.
  • Increased in energy, clearer skin and improved mental health.
  • Removes & cleanses the colon of harmful pollutants caused by today’s lifestyle, convenience foods, stress, and pollution.
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doctor using radio frequency on womans abdomen

Benefits Of Radio Frequency

Radio frequency stimulation is a revolutionary technique that aids in revitalizing liver function, thereby promoting overall health

  • Stimulates the liver to help liver functions work properly again 
  • Unclogs toxins, clogged cells, and other pollutants in the liver
  • Helps the digestive system because the liver will start producing bile again 
  • Less stomach/colon discomfort
  • Helps the overall immune system causing clients to start feeling better, sleep better, and lessen any aches and pains

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