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Colonic Hydrotherapy With Inner Health

Colon hydrotherapy, sometimes referred to as a colonic, is a purification process specifically targeting the large intestine, accomplished through the use of purified water. We take pride in employing the FDA-approved Angel of Water Colon Hydrotherapy System, widely recognized as the most advanced system worldwide for the cleansing of the lower bowel. This state-of-the-art system not only ensures the utmost comfort for our clients but also upholds the highest standards of sanitation, privacy, and dignity. Colon hydrotherapy, due to its comprehensive effects, offers benefits accessible to nearly everyone. Our modern, fast-paced lifestyle places considerable strain on the digestive system, driven by the consumption of gut-hurting foods and and burden natural defenses. Enhanced hydration stimulates the cleansing of the colon, leading to the expulsion of its contents.

radio frequency cleanse

What Is Radio Frequency?

The Radio Frequency cleanse offers a method to rid your liver of detrimental toxins. This procedure uses high-frequency waves that traverse through bodily tissues. As these waves go into the tissues, they convert into heat, deeply penetrating the liver. This thermal energy generated by the high-frequency waves serves to invigorate the liver, enhancing its efficiency. Furthermore, this heat aids in the breakdown of toxins within the liver.

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