EMSCULPT is a treatment that helps you build muscles, improve strength, and enhance shape in areas including:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Calves
  • Quads (thighs)
  • Upper arms

EMSCULPT contracts the treatment area using high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology. With a series of treatments, you can improve abdominal musculature by almost 20%, and reduce abdominal fat by more than 20% over time.

Who is a good EMSCULPT candidate?

Nearly everyone is a good candidate. Most patients at Infinity Men’s Health and Regenerative Medicine choose EMSCULPT for one of the following reasons. 

Improved performance

If you’re an athlete or a weekend warrior, you may choose EMSCULPT treatments to help achieve maximum strength and power through muscle building. 

Enhanced recovery

When you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, EMSCULPT treatments can help you reclaim your previous strength and tone. 

Improved appearance

If diet and exercise don’t help you get the sculpted figure you’d like, EMSCULPT could be the answer because it boosts your muscles while also reducing stubborn fat.

If you’re not certain whether EMSCULPT can give you the results you’d like, speak to Dr. Cunningham about your goals and he can help you find the ideal approach. 

How does EMSCULPT treatment work?

You’ll relax during the treatment, so there is no need for any strenuous exercise. The HIFEM energy stimulates thousands of involuntary muscle contractions in the treatment area. Just one half-hour session is equivalent to 20,000 ab crunches or squats.

These supramaximal muscle contractions are far stronger than those you’d do on your own, which means greater benefit for muscle building. At the same time, the muscle contractions trigger your metabolism to work harder, which helps you burn fat.

Many patients compare EMSCULPT treatment to a heavy workout, and the aftereffects are the same as what you’d expect from an intense workout. 

How many EMSCULPT sessions do I need?

A series of EMSCULPT sessions is a great way to get ideal results. Most patients have four to six treatment sessions, scheduled at least a few days apart.

You could start to see new muscle definition in as little as two weeks, and many patients feel a difference in terms of muscle strength after only one treatment.

Learn how EMSCULPT can help you build muscle the fast way by calling Inner Health Colonic Hydrotherapy today!