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Inner Health is the premier medical spa in the New England region, specializing in colonic hydrotherapy. With our serene atmosphere, our clients love coming back over and over the experience the Inner Health difference. If you live in New England, it is worth it to travel to Inner Health Colonic Hydrotherapy in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Along with our life changing colonics, we also offer radio frequency, BioCharger, lash services, massages, and more! With over 80 5-star reviews on Google and over 17 5-star reviews on Yelp, there is a reason why people love our premier colonics. 

What To Expect After A Colonic?

Many individuals report immediate positive effects following a colonic session, prompting consideration of incorporating regular colonics into one’s health regimen. Taking an active role in reviewing diet, lifestyle, and embracing colon hydrotherapy as part of the journey toward enhanced health and well-being is encouraged. Aftercare advice emphasizes the importance of relaxation, light and simple eating, thorough chewing, and increased hydration, particularly in the first 48 hours post-treatment. Expectations include potential increased water elimination and temporary gas and rumbling as the colon settles. Some individuals may feel fatigued post-treatment, a phenomenon known as a healing crisis, indicating the body’s readjustment, typically resolving within 24-48 hours. While not universal, awareness of these reactions underscores their positive nature.

How To Prep Before Colonic Hydrotherapy

To maximize the benefits of your colonic, it’s recommended to adhere to these guidelines: refrain from animal protein, alcohol, excessive dairy, and refined carbohydrates like sugar and bread for at least 24 hours. Additionally, aim to increase fluid intake, with around 2 liters recommended for individuals of average build. For those dealing with constipation, incorporating fiber sources such as linseeds, bran, and seeds can be beneficial. Following these tips can enhance the effectiveness of your colonic experience. We also recommend paring you colonic with a castor oil pack. At Inner Health, we can pair any services and our clients always love our castor oil packs. The mix of castor oil and warmth goes deep into the intestines, making hard poop softer and freeing it from the colon’s pockets. This makes it easier to remove during the detox process.

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How Many Treatments Of Colon Hydrotherapy Should I Have?

The number of recommended sessions varies for each person, but it’s often suggested to have a few close-together treatments for optimal results. Your therapist will talk with you about this during your appointment. Additionally, we might suggest additional elements to boost your treatment, like radio frequency, BioCharger, castor oil packs, massages, & more!

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Book your appointment at Inner Health now! Give us a call to schedule your session and start your journey toward better well-being today. With over 20 years serving Massachusetts & Rhode Island, we have all of the tools to help reset your gut, starting from the inside out. Colonics are a great way to reduce bloating and to start your gut journey. Call us at 508-261-1611 to get started with a colonic in Mansfield, MA. For additional questions, fill out our contact form.

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