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Colonic Hydrotherapy – Beverly, MA

Inner Health offers colonic hydrotherapy treatments to residents of Burlington, MA. Cleanse the toxins away with our safe and effective hydrotherapy treatment. We provide a calming and relaxing environment where our I-ACT certified therapists will help answer any questions or concerns you may have. Colonic Hydrotherapy has many benefits:

  • Cleans out toxins 
  • Stimulates bile production
  • Enhances immune systems 
  • More regular bowel movements 
  • Increases your overall energy, improves mental clarity, and clears skin
  • & so much more!

Inner Skin & Body – Beverly, MA 

Inner Health is happy to announce Inner Skin & Body–luxury skincare at affordable prices! Book an appointment with our experienced estheticians to jumpstart your skincare journey. Our signature facial can be customized to suit your skin concerns, giving you the hydration, exfoliation, and age protection it deserves. Get expert advice and skin detox at Inner Skin & Body today! 

Radio Frequency Cleanse – Beverly, MA

Clean the toxins out of your liver with our radiofrequency cleanse! Our radiofrequency cleanse utilizes high-frequency waves to remove toxins in a safe and effective way. Also, they stimulate the liver for it to work efficiently again!  Radiofrequency doesn’t just help the liver; it also positively affects the body’s digestive system and immune system. When a liver is not working correctly it stops producing bile like it should which causes the digestive system to work overtime to break down food. However, radio frequency will allow the liver to start producing bile again. Radiofrequency cleanses also allow for blood sugar and body fat to be regulated better.

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If you are in the Burlington area and are interested in our services, book an appointment with Inner Health today! If you have any questions or concerns about the procedures, our certified therapists are happy to talk with you or visit our frequently asked questions page! 

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