How to Prepare for a Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatment

Colonic hydrotherapy is a great way to jumpstart your journey to a healthier gut. There are many benefits to the treatment, including, but not limited to, regular bowel movements and more energy. If you finally booked your colonic hydrotherapy appointment, you may be wondering what you need to do to prepare. Continue reading to find out! 

colonic hydrotherapy

No Need to Take Laxatives

There is no need to take laxatives right before your colonic hydrotherapy appointment. Colonic hydrotherapy is a gentle internal bath that filters water through the colon. This internal cleansing will flush out any waste and toxins lingering in your colon. This treatment is relaxing and meant to detox your gut, so don’t worry about feeling the need to cleanse beforehand. 

Stay Hydrated

Keeping hydrated before your colonic hydrotherapy will enhance the benefits of the treatment. This will allow the waste and toxins in the colon to be flushed out easier during the cleanse. On another note, avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages. Since it is important to be well-hydrated before the treatment, drinking alcoholic and caffeinated beverages can suck out water via the kidneys. Such liquids can also worsen bloating and gut health, so if your goal is to improve your gut, it is best to drink in moderation. 

Eat Well

It is also important to eat healthily before your colonic hydrotherapy treatment. Eating plenty of vegetables and fiber will not only help flush out the waste easier during the treatment but also improve bowel movements and relieve constipation. Eating more fiber will help you get the most out of your colonic hydrotherapy treatment and set you up for a healthier lifestyle down the line. 

Start Your Journey with Inner Health! 

Book with Inner Health today if you are ready to start your journey to a healthier colon! All Inner Health I-ACT certified therapists are trained to attend to your needs and comfort, providing you with the most relaxing environment possible. Book your colonic hydrotherapy appointment with us today!

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