Radio Frequency Cleanse

What is Radio Frequency?

Radio Frequency cleanse is a way to cleanse your liver from harmful toxins. The process consists of high-frequency waves that pass through body tissues. While these waves are passing through tissues, they convert to heat that penetrates the liver. This heat from the high-frequency waves will stimulate the liver, making it work more efficiently and effectively. The heat will also break down the toxins trapped in the liver.

Benefits of Radio Frequency Cleanse

There are so many benefits of a radio frequency cleanse. The main advantage is it flushes out all the toxins that are trapped in your liver. The liver is a vital organ in your body that basically acts as the washing machine of the body. The liver continuously filters out toxins and chemicals from your blood, including alcohol, pesticides, drugs, and more. However, if the liver has to work too hard, the toxins will build up, clog cells, and affect the liver’s ability to clean blood. When this happens, these harmful toxins and chemicals will start to spread throughout the body and can very negatively impact the human body, including inflammation and even cancer. Radio frequency will help remove those pollutants in your liver and restimulate the liver to start working effectively again.

Radio frequency doesn’t just help the liver; it also positively affects the body’s digestive system and immune system. When a liver is not working correctly it stops producing bile like it should which causes the digestive system to work overtime to break down food. However, radio frequency will allow the liver to start producing bile again. Radio frequency cleanses also allow for blood sugar and body fat to be regulated better.

Many patients, after radio frequency, say they overall feel much better, with less stomach/colon discomfort, fewer aches and pains, better night’s sleep, and more energy!

The Radio Frequency Cleanse Process

First, our experienced technicians will put oil on your abdomen. Next, a metal plate will emit radio frequency waves placed on your stomach area above your liver. Don’t worry; the plate won’t be cold or uncomfortable! Depending on how deep of detox you want, the process will range in length. Typically, the process is about 30 minutes.

Is it dangerous?

This whole process is known as diathermy, and no, it is not dangerous! Many people get worried or apprehensive when they hear radio frequency waves will be passing through their body’s tissues; however, this happens every day with cell phones, computers, and more! Radio frequency is also very commonly used by medical professionals to treat different health conditions.

However, this cleanse is not recommended for people with heart problems, pregnancy, or colon issues.

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