The Benefits of Castor Oil

For centuries, people have used castor oil for its many benefits. Castor oil is an unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid, and because of its chemical composition, healthcare providers have used this oil to address plenty of health concerns. If you are interested in learning more about castor oil, continue reading! 

Woman using dropper of castor oil

Constipation Relief

Castor oil is typically used to relieve constipation. Its components make it a powerful laxative that can help waste and toxins move and exit the colon. Since castor oil has plenty of fatty acids, it can help the bowel retain moisture, allowing waste to move out easier. By decongesting your intestines, you will see many improvements in your energy, sleep, and more!

Improves Immune Function

Regular use of castor oil will improve lymphatic drainage, gland health, blood flow, and other various immune system functions. Lymphocytes, found in the body’s immune system, attack threats to the body, such as harmful bacteria. Castor oil helps the body produce more lymphocytes, and you will be less susceptible to sickness. Use castor oil for better health.

Benefits Skin, Hair, and Nails

The fatty acids and essential nutrients in castor oil can improve our skin, hair, and nails. Castor oil has been used for decades to treat dryness and increase hair growth. If you want to thicken your eyebrows or eyelashes, massage castor oil in those areas regularly. The proteins and moisturizing properties can strengthen and encourage growth. If you have dry skin or unwanted scars, use castor oil to address the problem. The vitamin E in castor oil is commonly used in many skincare products and can reduce the appearance of scars. 

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Did you know that you can use castor oil for your next colonic hydrotherapy cleanse? Inner Health now provides Anion Essentials Castor Oil. Anion has brought castor oil into the 21st century with 16 botanicals and algae sourced from the south of France. Anion Essentials Castor Oil Blend is made of specific botanicals to support key elimination organ systems with the intent to support the acceleration of tissue toxin buildup removal. These blends have additional therapeutic properties that help secondary functions such as circulation, tissue hydration, inflammatory skin conditions, and anti-aging. 

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