What Are The Benefits Of Salt Lamp Therapy?

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Over time, salt lamp therapy has become associated with improving the air quality in a room, leaving you feeling calm and positive. A salt lamp is made of rock salt, especially pink Himalayan Salt. The traditional lamps are made by carving a hole in a piece of rock salt and fixing a bulb. However, modern salt lamp therapy is done by using a device called a halo generator to disperse dry salt particles into the air. By inhaling these particles, people experience many physical and psychological changes, and this experience is called salt lamp therapy. In this blog, you will find the benefits of salt lamp therapy for physical and mental health.

4 Benefits of Salt Lamp Therapy

Salt therapy is said to have many benefits to physical and mental health. As with any alternative treatment, scientific research on this subject is limited. Nonetheless, users seem to agree that alt lamp therapy offers many benefits, listed below.

Serves As A Natural Air Filter

A salt lamp in a contained space can remove dust, smoke, and other elements that can otherwise make your space feel stuffy or trigger allergies. Salt lamps are absorbent and attract water molecules from the air around them. When lit or switched on, the lamp generates some heat, which, upon evaporation, becomes clean air while trapping dust particles and contaminants in the salt. So, the longer you have your lamp on, the cleaner the air in your home will be. 

Improves Sleep Quality

Lighting a salt lamp creates a warm ambiance for relaxation. People often find sleeping hard due to positive ions in their rooms. The over-exposure to positive ions results from several electrical devices such as your phone, electric bulbs, and HVAC system. It often leaves you feeling restless and unable to catch a long rest. Salt lamp therapy releases negative ions in the atmosphere when lit. The air feels light and clean, so you breathe better and feel comfortable. This can set your body in a better position to sleep deeply. The lamps also have dim lights, so you wouldn’t deal with the glare from your electric lamps or bulbs.

Eco-Friendly Light

Traditional salt lamps, like Himalayan salt lamps, are eco-friendly. Some designs are candles, while others have bulbs with minimal wattage. Given that salt lamps make the atmosphere cleaner and healthier, it is a win for nature, including plants and animals around you.

Room Decor

Apart from their functional benefits, salt light lamps improve a room’s aesthetics. When lit, the lamp emits beautiful colors and patterns, making the room feel cozier and more comfortable. Besides, the crystals are carved in unique shapes and can serve as another piece of room decor in your space. 

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