What Is A Bio Charger?

The body is made up of millions of cells that have little electrical current flowing through them. This is where a bio charger comes in. It is used as an electrical boost to revive these cells. This blog post gives you a more detailed view of a bio charger, its workings, and its functions.

What is a Bio Charger?

Bio Charger treatments are an alternative to medical treatment that uses different types of energy and technology to restore balance in your cells. The process is non-invasive, so there are no risks of bodily harm. The system also uses a subtle energy revitalization technique that courses through the body. Bio Charging aims to restore unbalanced cells in the body.

How Does Bio Charger Work?

When using a bio charger, it is recommended that you sit or stand three to five feet away from the device. This distance is considered the best because it emits electromagnetic waves that slowly lose their power the farther they travel. So, this distance allows you to maximize the therapeutic effects on your physical and neurological functions. These effects include improved sleep, healthy electrical patterns, focus, coordination, and energy levels. 

Functions of a BioCharger

The bio charger comprises many types of electromagnetic energy that help restore and duplicate the needed energy frequencies of all the body’s cells. These energy frequencies include:

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF)

This energy frequency is responsible for the body’s healing properties and ability to reduce pain and inflammation. Sometimes, this energy may have been depleted in the body, making it difficult for the body to restore itself to a naturally calibrated state of equilibrium.


Bio Charging energy frequency handles rejuvenation and the amount of nutrients the body consumes. The bio charger emits light frequencies from charged noble gasses like neon, xenon, and argon. There are many questions in regards to Bio Chargining and the safety of it. We ensure you will be taken care of by our experienced staff.

Electromagnetic Frequencies

These frequencies are in charge of mood and physical condition. The bio charger uses frequencies tuned in a manner that closely aligns with normal, healthy cells. These frequencies permeate your entire body and reset the electrical signals within each cell. This helps to improve your overall condition.


This frequency also assists with nutrient uptake and rejuvenation. The bio charger makes this direct electrical energy enter the body, pass through various tissues, and reset your body’s cells without causing damage. 

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