What Is Wood Therapy?

wood therapy

Wood therapy, also known as maderotherapy or maderoterapia, is a massage technique that uses wooden tools held in the hands. The experts say it helps reduce fat and cellulite, improves blood flow, makes skin smoother, and reduces stress. This blog will look into what wood therapy claims to do and whether it actually works.

What Does Wood Therapy Do?

Wood therapy offers several advantages, including breaking down fat and cellulite, reshaping the body, aiding in body cleansing, promoting lymphatic drainage and fat elimination, enhancing skin tone and elasticity, reducing stress and inducing relaxation, loosening tight muscles, firming the thighs and buttocks, and stimulating blood circulation. Wood therapy stimulates the lymph system, which helps the body get rid of waste and excess fluid. 

What Happens During A Wood Therapy Appointment?

During a wood therapy session, special wooden tools are used to massage different parts of the body, like the face, torso, arms, and legs. Pressure is applied to problem areas, and the tools are cleaned after each use. At first, it might feel uncomfortable as you figure out the right amount of pressure, but it gets better with time. However, some people might get bruises from wood therapy, so it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor before trying it.

Body Sculpting With Wood Therapy

Wood therapy is a robust massage method employing handheld wooden tools like rolling pins and vacuum-suction cups. Derived from the Spanish word “madera,” meaning wood, practitioners say that this technique can diminish or even get rid of cellulite. These tools are used with firm pressure on the skin to target problem areas. In this photo below, you can see some different wood therapy tools. You should rely on a wood therapist to help with your body contouring journey. That is why you should visit Inner Health in Massachusetts for your next wood therapy appointment.

wood therapy tools

Is Wood Therapy Good For Weight Loss?

Wood therapy, a massage method using wooden tools like rolling pins and suction cups, is believed to reduce cellulite. People also claim that the muscle manipulation involved can speed up metabolism, potentially aiding in weight management. However, it’s important to remember that while wood therapy may offer some benefits, it’s not a standalone weight-loss solution and should be combined with a healthy lifestyle. Start your health journey at Inner Health.

Book Your Wood Therapy Appointment At Inner Health In Mansfield, MA

It is time to book a wood therapy appointment at Inner Health, located in Southern Massachusetts. We serve clients from all over New England, and people travel many miles to see us in our only storefront location. In addition to wood therapy, we also offer colonics, radio frequency, lash lifts and tints, massages, castor oil packs, and more! With over 20 years in the business, Inner Health is the #1 place in New England for any medical spa service. To get started, call us at 508-261-1611 or book online. For any additional questions, fill out our contact form and one of our therapists will get back to you.

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