What To Expect After A Colonic Hydrotherapy Appointment

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It is very common to ask what will happen after a Colonic Hydrotherapy appointment, especially if you haven’t been through the procedure before. Preparing yourself for what happens after this type of colon cleanse will help you mentally understand what conditions you may endure. In most cases, there is not much that happens after a colonic. If you are feeling bloating or having trouble going to the bathroom, a colonic may be in your future. Read this blog to find out what people are experiencing after a colonic hydrotherapy appointment.  

Feeling Lighter & Less Bloated

Everyone experiences different symptoms after getting a colonic. However, many have said they feel much lighter on their feet. Most clients feel refreshed and invigorated following a colonic session. You are able to return to work and normal activities after a colonic. However, if you are clogged up or have many toxins build up in your colon, some people are tried following their first treatment. Drinking plenty of water, eating a light meal, and relaxing that evening of your first colonic is advised. The feeling of being lethargic is temporary and should go away within the first 24 hours.

More Frequent Bowel Movements

A colonic hydrotherapy appointment is supposed to wash away the waste material in your colon. It can take two to five days to experience the next bowel movement. The few days following your appointment give your colon enough time to fill up and have enough waste to eliminate. Ideally, you want to eliminate waste every 24 hours after a few days of receiving your colonic.

Increased Metabolism

Many clients who get a colonic are surprised by how effectively a colonic can flatten the abdomen. Because we can accumulate waste or gases caused by bad bacteria, a hydrotherapy session is a great way to deal with those toxins. Along with an increased absorption of essential nutrients and improved metabolism, a colonic hydrotherapy session can contribute to weight loss by boosting the rate at which we burn fat. This medical treatment is a great way to kickstart a new and healthier way of life, which we all yearn for.

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