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Body Contouring At Inner Health

Inner Health is excited to announce our new wood therapy and body contouring services! This new massage technique is focused on overall wellness and weight loss benefits. Paired with our other services, wood therapy is a great way to flush out toxins. Learn more about this spa therapy!

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What Is Wood Therapy?

Wood therapy is a vigorous massage technique that utilizes wooden handheld tools, such as rolling pins, & vacuum suction cups. Wood therapy’s main benefits include breaking stubborn fat cells, redefining body contours, reducing cellulite, promoting weight loss, improving body size and proportions, lymphatic circulation, reducing wrinkles, and alleviating stress. Along with these benefits, body contouring is known to target specific zones and help break down stubborn fat. The trendiest therapy is wood therapy for body sculpting. This new technique contours the body with wood tools to improve the appearance of the body/face and give overall health. 

Does Wood Therapy Last?

Wood therapy results can last up to three months after your first sessions. Most of the patients notice a difference after their first session! The most noticeable difference our clients see is between the third and fifth treatments. Every session is different so that we will cater to your needs. You will tell us the main problem areas you have and we will make sure to roll it all out! This non-invasive treatment will have you seeing that weight loss you have been wanting!

wood therapy
wood therapy

How Do I Prepare For Wood Therapy?

To optimize the benefits of wood therapy, Inner Health emphasizes the importance of hydration. It is recommended that clients consume a gallon of water throughout the day of their treatment. Specifically, it is advised to intake 4-5 glasses of water before the session and an additional 3-4 glasses afterward. This strategic water consumption helps ensure that any toxins stimulated during the treatment are effectively flushed out of the body, promoting a thorough and detoxifying experience. To further flush out your system, we recommend pairing our wood therapy with our colon cleanse. Inner Health’s colonic hydrotherapy sessions are one of the best ways to clear out the toxins in your system. Learn about our colonics here!

Book Your Wood Therapy Sessions At Inner Health

Inner Health offers wood therapy as a rejuvenating experience designed to promote relaxation, improve circulation, and alleviate muscle tension. Our skilled practitioners at Inner Health use specially crafted wooden instruments to massage and manipulate the body, targeting areas of tension and promoting lymphatic drainage. The natural properties of wood, combined with the expert touch of our therapists, create a harmonious and grounding experience. Clients at Inner Health benefit from the physical effects of wood therapy and find a deep sense of calmness and balance, making it a vital component of Inner Health’s comprehensive approach to overall health and wellness. You can book your next wood therapy appointment at Inner Health in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

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